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Wireless Network problem set Static ip address

Windows XP
From a wired or wirelessly connected device do the following:-
1. Click start --> (sometimes settings) --> Control Panel --> Network Connections
2. Double click on the active connection which will say connected underneath
3. Click Support
4. Click Details
5. Now the IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, Primary DNS and Alternate DNS which are displayed should be noted.

Note these down and set these values on your computer by doing the following:-

1. Start --> Control Panel --> Network Connections --> right click on Local Area Connection --> click Properties
2. In the small middle box scroll down to "Internet Protocol TCP/IP"
and click to highlight
3. Click "Properties" button
4. Click "Use the following ip address"
5. Now enter the values except for the IP Address, add 1 to the last
e.g. if it was then enter as this value has to be unique for all devices on your network
6. Click OK
7. Click Close or OK
8. Now your new device will connect

If it's a Wii, Xbox, PS3 or other gaming machine the menus will be different so check the systems settings for:-

Wireless Connection
Wireless Settings
WEP or WPA key
Subnet Mask

and use the manual to set the values    IP