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Outlook Why NOT to keep emails in Deleted Items Folder

It may be just me, but in Outlook
"Why do so many Customers always keep emails in Deleted Items, that they want?"

Do yourself a favour and move them to another folder called "KEEP DELETED"
or prefarbly "ARCHIVE" them, this puts then in a separate file.

At home, would you put a letter or paper you wanted to keep in the "Recycle" Bin (got to be politically correct here)?

NO, you wouldn't, so don't do it with emails, File it, like you would a letter.

I have come across users with thousands of emails in "Deleted Items" sometimes, even neatly filed in "sub-folders" and the user says "I may need it some day"

OK, put it in a folder away from "Deleted Items" called "I MAY NEED IT SOME DAY"


With Office/Outlook 2010 beware, there is a clean-up option which deletes all emails and folders in the "Deleted Items" folder